Your New Countertop

We hope you are happy and excited with your new countertop. To help protect the life long integrity of your countertop, here are few suggestions on how to properly care and maintain your purchase. If you would like a more detailed description on your countertop, please refer to the brand’s website. This information is meant to provide a general overview of some recommended daily cleaning techniques. Continue reading

Kitchen Design Trends

It’s all about convenience, beauty and above all user friendly for all.

The cookie-cutter kitchens are out. Today we are all looking to improve what we have without forking out fistfuls of cash. Making smart choices in remodeling that include a good design along with the use of the right materials will always save you money and help develop your style. It is important to develop your style in your new kitchen whether it will be clean line or old world style-make sure it compliments your home. Continue reading

Bathroom Design Trends

Personalization still rules as the biggest design trend and can help develop your style.

A well designed bathroom is no longer just a utilitarian space. A well-lit bathroom can be a beautiful place that compliments your home, has luxury, convenience, easy- to- clean and above all a safe place to use. Continue reading