All initial design consultations, in our showroom, are free of charge. During our first meeting you can expect to spend (1) one hour with us. We will discuss your options along with estimated timing and budget requirements needed to properly develop your project. Any information that you can bring with you will aid us in creating your designs.

Next we will schedule a site visit to confirm design scope and budget. At this time we can measure and photograph your space and begin the design process. There is a fee to measure and put together preliminary design, materials and budgets. The cost for this is $250.00 – $500.00 depending on the size of your project. This amount is nonrefundable, but will apply to your installed project order.

Your design associate will arrange a second meeting in our showroom for the initial presentation. Presentations consist of designs, materials, and estimated time frame developed from information gathered from our initial consultation and site visit. We will review how each product interrelates and functions within your space. You will also receive an estimated budget required to produce your project. We release after a remodeling contract is signed.

Once we have captured the essence of your vision, we will require a Design Retainer to proceed. Our design fee will be a minimum of $500 and is determined by your designer depending on the size, and time required to further develop your project. This fee is non refundable, but will be applied to your installed project order should you choose to proceed. If you choose to abandon this project, the Design Retainer becomes a fee for design services provided and may not be applied to products purchased that AB&K is not installing.

There are many levels of “Project Coordination” performed during each job. Our Project Manager oversees the installation and communicates with our design staff to minimize problems.

The selection of appliances and plumbing fixtures is necessary for us to properly space plan your project. AB&K does not install products we are not providing unless stated otherwise in your contract. If you are providing your own products, all items must be inspected by you for damage or defects before they are installed. AB&K assumes no responsibility for the warranty on products provided by the customer. If you purchase your appliances elsewhere, ask your appliance salesperson to provide you with specifications for each item. Please fax or mail these specifications to your AB&K designer at your earliest convenience.

The selection of granite is a subjective process. Each piece of granite is unique. Therefore, once you have made your initial selections(s), usually from a small sample, we require that you go to our granite company to view and hand select your slabs. If our granite company makes the selections for you and you do not like your countertops when they are installed, you most likely will have no recourse for replacement.

Once our agreement is signed, any changes made by you will require a written Change Order. Any changes made could affect your overall design. Please discuss with your designer/sales person as additional administrative charges along with delays may also result. You will need to sign and return the Change Order with your payment in full, for execution. Verbal changes alone are not acceptable.

Our Project Manager, Designer, and possibly, our Electrician and/or Plumber will visit your jobsite for Kitchen, Rec Room, and other large projects. The purpose of this visit is to verify measurements and materials prior to placing an order.

In order to properly develop your design(s) a 20/20 computer design, or hand drawn rendering, will be developed. This step will ensure that your cabinets fit properly. You are required to approve and sign-off on all plans, and samples before your order can be placed.

Each product line has various lead times for production. Our staff takes every precaution to avoid delays, however, delays do occur. We will keep you up to date on each phase of your project so you can prepare for any delays which may occur.

AB&K does not provide wallpapering or painting as part of a standard contract (unless specifically noted). Unfortunately, we cannot stop the job at any time to allow you or someone you’ve contracted with to paint.

Our licensed plumber and electrician handle the plumbing and electrical requirements for your job, including permit applications.

Your payment schedule of 50/40/10 is in accordance with Wisconsin state law and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Upon signing our agreement, your deposit will be 50% of the agreement total. Your second installment of 40% is required the first day of the job. Your third and final installment of 10% is due when your project is substantially complete (i.e. your kitchen is in usable condition.) Sales discounts and design retainers will be subtracted off of your final payment. If your project requires touch ups and/or adjustments, which are a normal part of the remodeling process, this is considered warranty work. You may withhold up to 1% of your agreement total until all touch ups and punch list items are complete.