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AB&K Classic is our SILVER Level of Service.

Love how your space functions, but it looks dated? Are you planning on moving soon and want to add value to your home? Are you looking for the “LOOK FOR LESS?”

Is your heart set on new painted white cabinets? Great! Or, do you love the look of stained wood? No problem, we can do that too! No matter your taste, AB&K provides a beautiful solution at an sophisticated price.

Classic AB&K is a great option for homeowners wanting a quick and easy remodeling solution. Many times, some of our homeowners want to provide a portion of the labor, it could be demolition, installing a backsplash or painting. No problem! We provide beautiful award winning design solutions, quality materials and expert installation at a great price.

As with all of our projects at AB&K, we meet all current building code standards. Our team is with you the entire way from start to finish all focused on “Bring Your Vision Home.”

AB&K Core is our GOLD Level of Service.

You love your home. It’s close to work, shopping or your children’s school. But, there are a few little things you want to change. You want a larger kitchen with an island. You want a larger shower instead of that small, out dated bath tub. Or maybe you are looking for that spacious, modern tub to help soak away the day.  Moving a wall, moving plumbing or re-configuring space is the Core of our business.

For most homeowner’s visualizing their room is hard. That’s where AB&K shines. Sometimes partition walls need to be removed, sometimes we only need to reconfigure the appliances. We know what and where we can move walls and the mechanical systems in your home. Our team of professional carpenters, plumbers and electricians become part of the design process with expert advice and trouble shooting.

Like most people, you want value for your investment. Creative design solutions as well as quality materials and a few “one of a kind” touches provide our “Core” clients with the look and value desired.

AB&K Core follows our standard construction production process. And you can be assured your project will meet all current building code standards. Our expert team of professional designers, project managers, plumbers, electricians, tile setters and carpenters work together with our designers to “Bring Your Vision Home.”

AB&K Studio is our PLATINUM Level of Service.

When Only the Best will do. Your time is valuable and you need a trusted design / build company to create a unique space. AB&K’s resources bring together the newest materials, construction techniques as well as the latest in home technology. Large or small project, we create environments that appeal to clients looking for that wow factor that will be theirs for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Details. Details. Details. That’s what makes the space. At AB&K, we sweat the details. Selecting the right materials for each project and how the materials are installed creates that high end look. Installing laminated beams to enlarge a kitchen and create that open concept space, moving plumbing to create that large master shower. Your friends and family will make sure all the parties are at your house!

Your project is a substantial investment in your home. AB&K builds value into your home, increasing the value of your investment. That is the service we provide to our homeowners.

Be assured that our projects meet and pass all current building codes. AB&K’s team of professional designers, project managers, plumbers, electricians, tile setters and carpenters coordinate with all local inspectors.  At AB&K we follow our established, successful construction production process. This process ensures in the end, that space is truly award winning and uniquely Your Vision because that’s we do every day at AB&K!

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