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We understand the stress of a remodeling project. Lump that together with working with a condo board is enough to make a homeowner throw up their hands in frustration! With hundreds of condo remodeling projects completed since we opened in 2000, our team of designers, project managers and trade professionals will Bring Your Vision Home.

Every condo association is different. Have a copy of your associations’ conditions, covenants and possible restrictions handy. This document will help you know what is possible and what isn’t possible with your remodel. New cabinets, stone counter tops, upgraded plumbing fixtures, new flooring and paint are improvements, typically allowed. Once you want to convert a tub to a shower, move a toilet, reconfigure your kitchen or removing an interior wall, meeting with your condo board is typically required.

Get to know the members of your condo board. Let them know about your remodel. Be a good neighbor and inform those around you about your remodel. Also, inform any staff which work daily in your building. Giving them a “heads up” on trade professional coming and going, will make everyone’s jobs easier!

Once the design plan has been approved by your board, we’re not out of the wood yet. Construction projects in condo buildings also require unique logistics. Many associations have specific working hours construction work may occur. The construction crew might be allowed to use the elevator during reserved times, during the day. If you are in a high rise unit, where street parking is at a premium, additional fees could be added to cover parking during the construction process. And don’t forget about removing construction debris!

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